This course is designed to teach students how to trade 4 and 5 point reversal charts.

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What you'll learn

This course is designed to teach students how to trade 4 and 5 point reversal charts. It's a common way to trade in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. The study describes how Fibonacci Retracements help shape beautiful reversal points.

A reversal is often seen at the end of a previous trend, and this study focused on entry at specific prices with specified targets and stop-losses.

The beauty of this technique is that it is entirely mathematical and thus justifies the trading parameters used.

These are the points that get you an entry at the likely beginning of a pattern, as mentioned in reversal trading. All is well established, from the formations to the goals to the stop-loss.

You will also get a free Harmonics telegram bot Screener, which is specifically designed to operate in Indian markets, as part of this program. For the next three months, you'll have free access.

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Who This Course is for

A harmonics learning software may be enrolled by either a new or experienced trader, since it focuses on reversals, which is a stand-alone technique that is not based on news or trends. It's a Fibonacci retracement-based mathematical review. With this software, you can still have an advantage in the market, whether you are a dealer, a broker/portfolio management firm, or a retail trader, since you can now measure the stock's likely reversal points. The strength of this approach is that it works with both intraday and swing traders. Working professionals can benefit from this because their responsible roles at work do not require them to be in front of the chart all of the time. With fixed trading criteria, such as bracket orders and cover orders, maximum capacity can be achieved.

It will improve your understanding of market trading and assist you in deciding whether or not to pursue it as a career in the trading world. So, well ahead of the start of a trend, it is now possible to predict how a stock will pass.


Course Benefit 

Learners who participate in the harmonics program will have access to our telegram robot, which can find levels in real time for any stock on the NSE.

Not only that, but the package also includes failure cover to help you secure your losing trades.


During the course, the student will have access to an email query support system as well as a Question & Answer forum network for any content-related questions. Dedicated hours of realistic sessions include hands-on trading training.

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