How does a Demat Account work?

Trading through a Demat account is similar to the procedure of physical trading, except that a Demat account is electronic. You begin trading by placing an order through your online TRADING ACCOUNT For this purpose, it is necessary to link both trading and Demat accounts. Once an order is placed, the exchange will process the order. Demat account details the market price of shares and the availability of shares is verified before the final processing of the order. On completion of the processing, shares are then reflected in your statement of holdings. When a shareholder wishes to sell shares, a delivery instruction note has to be provided with details of the stock. Shares are then debited from the account and the equivalent cash value is credited to the trading account.

Benefits of opening a Demat Account

  •  Invest Easily & Earn Better
  •  Get a better chance of earning higher returns with ARQ
  •  Fastest account opening process - Start trading in 1 hour
  •  Highly secure & speedy financial transactions
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